(WTAJ) — It’s thick, it’s juicy, it’s beefy and you can enjoy it in thousands of ways — that’s right, it’s the burger — and one Western Pennsylvania chain reportedly has the best in the state.

The ways to enjoy a burger are practically endless, from the toppings, to the buns, and even the meat you use. It’s virtually impossible to not find a combo that is your “go-to” grab. Pair it up with some fries and a milkshake and you have a home run dinner for millions of people.

While the origins of the burger are debated, even more so is who has the best burger. According to Reader’s Digest, they have it all figured out in every state.

Coming in first, with the combined weight of nine locations including PPG Paints Arena and Acrisure Stadium — Pittsburgh area’s own BURGATORY!

From “Heavenly” shakes, to draft beer and cocktails, sides, and of course, the main event — a burger built with almost no limits to your imagination.

The company touts its “Meat Your Maker” burger with dry-aged wagyu beef with sweet onion crust, aged gruyere, roasted tomatoes, organic field greens and truffled shallot aioli.

If you’re feeling really daring, you can even take a childhood favorite PB&J and jack it up with the “Piggy Butter and Jelly” burger. It features cajun dusted ground beef & ground bacon burger with white American cheese, candied bacon, bread & butter pickles, peanut butter & habanero jelly.

In fact, in 2019, Pittsburgh Post Gazette named the Piggy Butter and Jelly one of the “best things to eat right now.”

While the origins of the hamburger are contested, it’s been commonly associated with the German city of Hamburg, The History Channel, however, claims the fast food burger all began with White Castle. No. Really.

In their ultra-popular “Built America” series, one of the spin-offs (The Food That Built America) takes a look at the evolution of fast food/burgers. In the episode, you see that the founder of White Castle, Billy Ingram, was selling meatball sandwiches in his little shop in 1921. One day, he was frustrated with not being able to cook them faster on his grill top and out of anger, started to smash them down with a spatula — and the rest, as they say, is history (and the beginning of a now iconic burger joint).

For more about what Reader’s Digest considers the best burger in PA, you can visit the Burgatory website by clicking here.