HARRISBURG, Pa. – AFSCME is the largest union representing state workers in Pennsylvania. It’s teaming up with the Commonwealth to add to its state’s workers. Not having an abundance of employees isn’t leading solely to vacant jobs; it’s making it difficult for others to live their everyday lives.

“The job vacancy rate is at a level that folks aren’t receiving the services they need in a timely fashion,” said David Henderson, the executive director for AFSCME Council 13.

House speaker Joanna McClinton met with the state departments, such as PennDOT and state police, to hear what they are dealing with daily.

“It helps me understand, as a lawmaker as someone who is leading Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives where our caucus has been on the front lines fighting for better jobs and better schools and safer communities, what these needs and opportunities are,” said McClinton.

Sue Bosco held a non-union job and wasn’t always in favor of unions. However, all that changed when she worked for Harley Davidson. Now she is heavily favorable towards what state jobs have to offer.

“I’m so proud and happy to be working with the state of Pennsylvania,” said Fritz.

AFSCME is doing a state tour and hosting job fairs, hoping to get applicants to fill the positions. The job fair in Harrisburg is slated for Wednesday at the company’s conference center. Other communities have had job fairs hosted by AFSCME, and for some it could be life changing.

“I’ve been looking for a job currently for six months,” said Bianca Reeves. “I want more of a career.”

If you are interested in attending the job fair, click here.