PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — The most common animal in Pennsylvania is found in the forests of Pennsylvania. However, this “animal” isn’t a mammal or even a bird.

According to Penn State University, the most common animal/amphibian in Pennsylvania’s forests is one of the Commonwealth’s 39 frogs and salamanders, making it an amphibian.

The red-backed salamander is the most common animal/amphibian in Pennsylvania’s forests, according to Penn State.

This lungless salamander lives in the forest and most times it is more abundant than birds or mice.

Jacqualine Grant of Penn State mentioned how amphibians, like the red-backed salamander, are very important in our forests.

It is also important to note that according to, red-backed salamanders are very mildly poisonous, meaning that they have glands that secrete a toxin to defend themselves against predators.

However, no need to worry because this toxin is extremely mild and only makes the salamander foul-tasting to any animal that tries to eat it.