PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — People search for love every February, but what are they searching for on Google?

Here are some of the most commonly searched things related to Valentine’s Day, according to Google Trends.

Here are the top five questions related to love that people in the United States have been searching on Google.

  1. What is love?
  2. What is love bombing?
  3. How to ask someone to be your valentine?
  4. How to love yourself?
  5. How do you know if you love someone?

Giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a tradition you can’t pass up. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what chocolate to buy.

In Pennsylvania, people have been googling vegan chocolate the most out of any other kind.

Courtesy of Google Trends

Since the year 2004, people Google flowers and online dating apps more in February than any other month in the year, according to Google Trends.

Do Pennsylvanians like chocolates or flowers better? According to Google Trends, we like receiving chocolates on Valentine’s Day more than flowers. A total of 15 other states like chocolates better than flowers, making Pennsylvania part of the 29%.

Finding a Valentine’s gift for that special someone can be hard sometimes, and Googling ideas can be a great way to get inspiration.

According to Google Trends, the United States the top five searches for “Valentine’s Day gift for…” have been for:

  1. Husband
  2. Boyfriend
  3. Wife
  4. Kids
  5. Girlfriend