HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM)- The clock is ticking for 44 million Americans with student loans.

The hiatus on playments is ending and will resume in October. Interest will start accruing Sept. 1 and borrowers should get a bill at least 21 days before payment is due.

Before you get a bill, experts say borrowers should log in to the Federal Student Aid Website

“That is going to be their best resource to find out information regarding when repayment begins and information about various loan repayment plans,” Diona Brown with the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency said.

Brown says borrowers should contact their student loan servicer with any questions.

“Their student loan servicer is going to be the company that handles their loan payment, and they can also work with them if they’re running into any problems with paying back their loans,” Brown said.

Financial experts suggest Americans paying back their loans should revisit their payment plan as soon as possible.

“Especially if you’re new to it and going to start payments,” said Langan.

PHEAA is warning students and borrowers to watch out for scammers.

“They may be promising them various things maybe like forgiving their loans,” said Brown.

PHEAA says be on the lookout for companies contacting you out of the blue, claimng to be affiliated with your loan servicer or the Department of Education.