(WHTM) — According to a GasBuddy petroleum analyst, it is no longer a question of what happens if gas prices hit $5, but when, and that includes the Midstate. Harrisburg’s average gas prices have risen 22.2 cents per gallon in the last week and as of Monday morning sit at $4.90/g.

Other counties in the Midstate also felt the impact of another gas price increase in the last week. Lancaster’s average price rose about 20 cents and is currently at $4.92/g and York’s rose 14.1 cents per gallon and is now averaging $4.90/g.

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“Gasoline inventories continue to decline even with demand softening due to high prices, a culmination of less refining capacity than we had prior to COVID, and strong consumption, a situation that doesn’t look to improve drastically anytime soon,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.

Nationally, the average gas price has also risen, averaging $4.85 as of Monday morning. According to GasBuddy, the national average is up 56 centers per gallon from a month ago and it is nearly $2 higher than a year ago.

“Nine states have average gas prices that stand beyond the $5 per gallon mark, with more set to join in the days and weeks ahead. In addition, diesel prices also stand at a record high, a second gut-punch to consumers which pushes prices of most goods higher,” De Haan said.

Pennsylvania is one of the states that is just cents away from joining the list of states beyond the $5 per gallon mark. As of Monday morning, the average gas price across the state sits at $4.95. On the east coast, New York, New Jersey, and the remaining northeastern states are also just cents away from an average of $5 per gallon.

As of now, the Midstate will continue to see a rise with an end date not yet determined.

To learn more about the average gas prices and trends in the Midstate, Pennsylvania, or across the nation, click here for an interactive map.