(WHTM)– Pennsylvania has some of the most beautiful landscapes with valleys, mountain ranges, and thousands of acres of woods. However, the state also has its fair share of criminals.

Out of the counties in the Midstate, there was one with more offenses reported in 2022 than others and that was York County, according to Pennsylvania’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) System website.

The state’s UCR Program’s website “serves as the state repository for the collection of crime statistics and its primary objective is to generate reliable information for use in law enforcement administration, operation, and management,” according to the website.

According to the UCR website, York County had a total of 7,609 offenses reported in 2022. The most reported was larceny, the theft of someone’s personal property, with 3,947 cases reported.

There also was only one reported case of human trafficking as well as one of involuntary manslaughter.

Lancaster County comes in at number two for most offenses reported in 2022 among central Pennsylvania counties. The county also notched above the 7,000 mark coming in with a total of 7,022 offenses reported.

Here is how the rest of the counties stacked up with reported offenses:

  • Dauphin County – 6,840
  • Franklin County – 2,588
  • Lebanon County – 1,808
  • Adams County – 1,340
  • Perry County – 725
  • Juniata County – 619
  • Mifflin County – 511

By comparison, more than 45,000 offenses were reported in Philadelphia County with more than 18,000 larcenies, 9500 simple assaults, nearly 9400 motor vehicle thefts, and 160 murders. Allegheny County had over 25,000 offenses reported with 138 murders, 12,000 larcenies, and over 6,000 simple assaults.

Larceny was the most reported offense in Pennsylvania last year with a total of 153,147 while the second most reported offense, simple assault, was half that total with 79,315.

More than 1,000 murders and non-negligent manslaughter cases were reported.