(WHTM) — March is an odd month when it comes to the weather. Sometimes it can be snowing and cold or sunny and warm.

But, will it snow in the state this upcoming week? It depends on where you are, according to the abc27 weather team.

Here in the Midstate, the snow coming Monday, March 13 really will not amount to much. According to abc27 meteorologists, the leading edge of the snow could start during the afternoon of Sunday, March 12, around Franklin County. They have the best shot to see flakes during the day on Sunday while places east of Harrisburg may not see much until later Sunday night.

But, the moisture has to fight the dry air in place and may fall apart. The best chance for snow in the area is after sunset. But, even then, little to no impact is expected, as the temperatures will remain above freezing until the evening hours.

The storm will strengthen off the east coast on Tuesday, March 14, where portions of the area north and east of Harrisburg have the best chance of seeing snow on Tuesday.

These accumulations are expected to be light, with the amounts increasing as you head into Northeast Pennsylvania, according to the weather team. The full forecast can be seen here.

It seems as if this winter will be one of the least snowy winters on record!