ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The countdown to the 2023 PGA Championship is in full swing, as there are about three months until the event takes place at the Oak Hill Country Club.

Ahead of Friday night’s game against the Toronto Marlies, the Rochester Amerks hosted PGA Championship Night in partnership with the PGA of America and Oak Hill. The event featured co-branded merchandise and allowed fans the chance to take pictures with the Wanamaker Trophy, which is presented to the winner of the PGA Championship.

“It’s such a cool way to engage people,” said Bryan Karns, the 2023 PGA Championship tournament director. “I’ve been doing this over a decade and it still gives me chills when you look at that trophy and you see the names on there because that is actually the trophy that the champion will hold above their head. It’s such a fun part of my job to be able to do things like this that brings people together.”

Karns added that a major reason as to why the PGA of America established a partnership with the Amerks is that the golf organization wants to build a relationship with the Rochester community.

“It’s such a cool sports market because you’ve got major college sports, hockey, football, and PGA golf,” said Karns. “That’s where Rochester looks at us. They think the PGA of America, our championship are their major sports. It’s such a fun part of my job to be able to do things like this to bring people together.”

Karns also said there are still a limited number of tickets to the 2023 PGA Championship for the Thursday session and practice rounds.

“We went on sale last summer and the inventory basically disappeared overnight,” said Karns. “It’s just so indicative of a market and community that is really passionate about golf.”