If you would like to submit a video from your organization, please follow the directions below:

  • Hold your phone as still as possible.
  • Avoid recording the Pledge in an area that has a lot of background noise.
  • Everyone on camera should face the camera when saying the pledge.
  • Do not add any music to avoid violating copyright laws.
  • When recording the video, position talent or objects with light, such as the sun, in front of them. If the sun or bright images are behind them, it will make it difficult for the camera to correctly balance the image
  • If using a smartphone to record video, hold the device horizontal, not vertical.

Fill out the form and send your video to abc27. We cannot guarantee all videos submitted will air. We will make every attempt to air each one we receive.

Please enter the following in the field below:

  • City
  • School Grade (if a classroom)
  • File share link (if applicable)

By submitting you acknowledge that you have permission, from all participants appearing on the video and/or their legal guardians, to submit this video to be aired on WHTM and posted on abc27.com.
(Note: after you hit submit, you be taken to a confirmation page)

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