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Which concrete planter is best?

Planters are containers designed to hold living plants you can place wherever you want, indoors or out. Concrete is affordable, durable and versatile. Planters made from concrete are low maintenance, keep outdoor plants warmer during cold weather and create a strong barrier against leakage.

Concrete planters are ideal containers for larger and heavier plants, shrubs and trees. Their size allows roots the room they need to grow without crowding, and their weight makes them stable under most circumstances. If you are looking for an eye-pleasing grouping of planters, take a look at the Kante Tall Lightweight Set of Three Concrete Planters.

What to know before you buy a concrete planter

Whatever concrete planter you choose, you need to fill it with garden soil or potting mix. Choose one that is formulated for the type of plants you want. 

Indoors or outdoors?

Concrete planters are mostly used outdoors, but are now often used indoors because of their low maintenance and simple style.


Concrete is typically associated with large planters. However, it has become such a popular choice of material that you now have many small concrete planters to choose from too. 


Some people choose planters to add visual aesthetics to outdoor spaces, while others use them to define sitting areas and walkways. The best choices are the ones that accomplish both.

Other considerations

  • The plants you have in mind: Find out how tall and wide they grow, what shape they take and how much room the roots need.

  • The site where you plan to keep your planter: Choose one that is sized to fit the scale of its immediate surroundings.

  • The design and motif of your home, garden or landscape: Choose the concrete planter that best fits the indoor or outdoor area around it.

What to look for in a quality concrete planter


  • Shape: Choose the basic round, square or rectangular look that fits your site and motif. 

  • Surface: Choose from concrete planters with sides that are smooth, are textured or have designs built in during the casting process. 

  • Finish: Most concrete planters are unfinished, but you can find some that have glazed or painted finishes. 


You can add an artistic touch and a design statement by selecting a set of two planters or a family of three. Their color and shape unify the grouping, while the different sizes add visual appeal.


As with any planter, keep in mind not just how a young plant will look but what the size and shape will be when the plant matures. Larger planters will overwhelm too-small plants and are best suited for taller plants such as bushes and trees.


Few concrete planters need stands, but a simple three- or four-legged wooden stand adds a wonderful design touch while keeping the concrete from scratching your floor, deck or patio.

How much you can expect to spend on a concrete planter

Small indoor concrete planters cost $20-$60, and larger outdoor planters cost $40-$300. The cost depends mainly on their size and finish and whether they are sold in sets.

Concrete planter FAQ

What are the best plants to put in concrete pots?

A. If you choose one with good drainage, any kind of plant will be happy in a concrete planter. Concrete planters are stable containers that safely keep taller plants, bushes and trees from tipping over. Plants such as cucumbers and squash that need a trellis also grow nicely in concrete planters.

What are some downsides of concrete planters?

A. Concrete planters are heavy, which can become a problem when dealing with sizes large enough to hold trees and shrubs. Also, despite their hardness, concrete planters can break if tipped over onto a hard surface, such as a stone or brick patio.

What’s the best concrete planter to buy?

Top concrete planter

Best Kante Tall Lightweight Set of Three Concrete Planters

Kante Tall Lightweight Set of Three Concrete Planters

What you need to know: This set of three slate gray planters makes an attractive grouping on your patio, porch or outdoor stairway.

What you’ll love: This handmade planter trio is 13 inches, 16 inches and 19 inches tall, and their width varies in proportion to their height. The design of straight lines with a solid finish is on trend with today’s landscape designs. The light weight is achieved by a concrete-fiberglass mix that resists rain and harmful sun rays, and the drainage hole at the bottom comes with a rubber plug.

What you should consider: These planters do not come with liners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top concrete planter for the money

Best Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter

Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter

What you need to know: Go green in your office with this small desktop planter.

What you’ll love: This tabletop planter is ideal for holding a small succulent in one compartment and a few pens and pencils in the other. Made of solid concrete, it measures 3.8 inches by 3.5 inches by 3.2 inches and weighs only 1 pound. This is a great choice for holding plants without a lot of root mass.

What you should consider: With no drainage hole, this planter is best for plants that don’t need a lot of water.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Latitude Run Concrete Pot Planter Set of Three

Latitude Run Concrete Pot Planter Set of Three

What you need to know: This set of three smooth, curved planters adds a modern touch to any indoor or outdoor area.

What you’ll love: The iron coating on the surface of these planters oxidizes with sunlight and humidity, adding a patina as they age. Handmade, these 12-, 15- and 18-inch-tall planters are crafted of lightweight concrete and have a drainage hole with a rubber plug. This trio of planters comes in charcoal, natural gray, weathered and pure white finishes. 

What you should consider: The drain hole does not come with a plug.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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