Pool cleaning supplies: A useful checklist

Many factors go into effective pool cleaning. However, most pools will need brushes, cleaner, a vacuum and certain chemicals to keep them balanced and clean enough for swimming.

Pool cleaning supplies

Regular pool maintenance is vital for the health and longevity of your pool. Cleaning your pool requires several tools and a few that are interchangeable depending on whether you prefer to clean manually or use an automatic cleaner. 

Check out these recommendations to understand what you need for pool cleaning, as well as learn some background information that will be helpful when you’re purchasing equipment. 

Why should you clean your pool?

Cleaning is vital for sanitation and keeping your pool in good condition long-term. If you want your pool to be a safe place for family and friends to swim, keeping clean water is very important. Owning a pool is a responsibility, and you should maintain it with proper sanitation and pH levels. You must also focus on debris removal for an optimal swimming experience. 

Pool cleaning supplies: A checklist

Pool filters

You’ll start with a pool filter, which you should run up to 12 hours per day. It will clean the dirt and debris from the pool water and cycle it back into the pool without contaminants. It’s crucial for sparkling water, but it’s not the only thing that matters. In addition to this, it will be necessary to clean your filter regularly to avoid build-up. You will also need to backwash (change the water direction) your filter occasionally.

Pool cleaner

You’ll want to clean your pool at least once per week. It gets rid of stubborn dirt or algae that sticks to the bottom and sides of your pool. There are a few different cleaners, including robotic, pressure and suction cleaners.


Use a pool brush to keep the sides from collecting bacteria. It’s a brush with a long pole that you need to buy individually. The three types are nylon, steel and combination. Use it once a day to keep everything as clean as possible.

Net skimmers

Another essential task is manually removing leaves, twigs and other stuff that falls into the pool and sits on the surface. Use a net skimmer to get rid of these scraps so they don’t sit in the water. You can rotate the skimmer around the pool to grab larger debris and keep it from possibly clogging the filter.

Cleaning chemicals

Lastly, test your water weekly to make sure it’s balanced with the right amount of chemicals and pH levels. You may need to add chlorine or other products depending on the levels of alkaline, chlorine, phosphates, calcium, sanitizer and other chemicals. Your pool’s pH balance should be around 7.4-7.6, but always consult your pool manuals for exact pH and sanitizer amounts for safety.

Best vacuum pool cleaners

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Robotic Pool

This highly-rated tool is a filter, vacuum and cleaner all in one. It’s a robot cleaner that will make pool maintenance a breeze and does most of the work for you.

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Polaris F9550 Sport-Robotic Pool Cleaner

This user-friendly pool cleaner has a remote control. The system makes it simple to create a cleaning schedule and lets you know when to empty the filter.

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Best pool brushes

Wall Whale Classic 

The wall whale classic is a strong pool brush perfect for getting rid of dirt and debris. The fin helps to keep the brush close to the pool floor and sides.

Sold by Amazon

Blue Devil Wall Brush Deluxe

This Blue Devil is an inexpensive pool brush option. This model is suitable for cleaning corners, and it’s an excellent starter brush if you don’t want to spend a lot.

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Best net skimmers

Milliard Pool Leaf Skimmer Net

Overall, this skimmer is a budget-friendly option. The net is replaceable, making it easy to keep your pool clean without switching out the entire skimmer.

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Hydro Tools Pool Skimmer

The Hydro Tools skimmer is a good product for quick clean-up, although the shorter handle makes it ideal for hot tubs and smaller pools.

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Best pool cleaning chemicals

HTH 52032 Super Green to Blue Shock System

While this is not the only type of chemical you should have on hand for your pool, it helps eliminate algae and is helpful to keep around. It will shock the pool with chemicals to cleanse the water.

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Pool Mate Chlorine Tabs

These can help keep the right amount of chlorine in your pool, which aids in sanitation and keeping algae at bay. For use with a pool floater or feeder.

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HTH 67053 Alkalinity Up Pods Balancer

To keep your pool’s alkalinity levels balanced. It’s a very user-friendly item that you can simply place right into the pool when needed.

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Other products

U.S. Pool Supply Test Kit

This test kit helps you discover the levels of pH, chlorine and bromine in your pool water. It’s an affordable product favored by many. You’ll need something like this before adding chemicals to the pool.

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U.S. Pool Supply Pool Floating Collapsible Chemical Dispenser

The U.S. pool supply chemical dispenser is ideal for balancing chemicals in your pool and releasing the right amounts of chemicals at the correct times. You set it in the pool, and it will float around, releasing the appropriate amounts of chemicals.

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Hayward CL200 In-Line Automatic Chemical Feeder

The Hayward chemical feeder is similar to a pool floating dispenser, but it releases chemicals automatically and collaborates with other parts of the pool maintenance system.

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