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Which cat litter for odor is best?

When it comes to owning a cat, avoiding a smelly litter box is ideal, though it isn’t always as simple as it seems. While the best cat litters for odor can do a great job of mitigating your cat’s bathroom smells throughout a space, choosing one that works for your cat can also take some trial and error.

For most cats, PetSafe ScoopFree Sensitive Non-Clumping Cat Litter for Odor is an excellent pick, offering fragrances that aren’t overpowering for most sensitive cats while effectively reducing odors with its natural crystal-based makeup.

What to know before you buy cat litter for odor

Your cat’s needs

It’s no secret that cats are very particular mammals, so finding the best cat litter will first and foremost be a matter of trying to fulfill your cat’s specific needs and wants. For example, some cats don’t like scented litter and will avoid using the litter box if it’s too fragranced, while others may not mind either way. 

One cat or multiple cats

It’s also essential to think about how many cats you have when buying cat litter for odor since that will largely determine how many litter boxes you have and how much cat litter you purchase. If you have one cat, one to two litter boxes are usually plenty, while those with more than one cat will want to have at least three separate litter boxes, requiring a higher volume of cat litter.

Clumping vs. non-clumping litter

While the most commonly purchased cat litter for odor is clumping cat litter, which dries out solids and clumps up with liquids to reduce smell and tracking, other litters may be non-clumping and preferred by cats. Many non-clumping litters are a bit cheaper than clumping litters, though they often cause tracking and feature lower levels of odor control.

What to look for in quality cat litter for odor

Free of dust and tracking

Most cat owners will agree that dust-free cat litters for odor are ideal since they help prevent your cat from tracking the litter itself, or worse, outside the litter box and around the house. Many cat litters include dust-proof or dust-free formulas, which can help prevent tracking and avoid causing dust clouds to form when stepped on.

Odor controlling

Odor control is probably the most commonly sought-after feature in cat litter, and it can be achieved in a variety of different ways in different cat litter formulas. For one, clumping litters tend to dry out cat waste and make them less fragrant, while others also include scents to cover up the smells generated by your cat’s potty times.

Scented or unscented

Scented cat litters remain a bit of a divisive topic when it comes to cat litters since many cats will prefer their litter to have no artificial scents, often causing them to avoid using the litter box. This leads to more odor and cleanup, which is why many buyers elect to go with an unscented cat litter with other odor control features included instead.

How much you can expect to spend on cat litter for odor

Cat litter for odor can vary significantly in price, depending on what kind you’re looking for and what volume you’re looking to buy. Some cat litter for odor may be as cheap as 40-50 cents per pound, while biodegradable, silica gel or other high-grade litter options may cost closer to $1.50-$2 per pound.

Cat litter for odor FAQ

How often should I empty a cat’s litter box?

A. For the best results with your cat, keep the litter box spotless by cleaning it one to two times each day. If you can’t quite keep up with that frequency, some cats will be okay with it being cleaned out every couple of days, though letting feces and urine sit in a litter box any longer than that is a surefire way to encourage your cat to go to the bathroom outside their litter box.

How much litter should I put in the litter box?

A. Ultimately, each cat will have slightly different preferences, so determining what your cat likes is essential. However, most cats thrive in their litter boxes when there are about 2 to 3 inches of litter inside, with some cats preferring more and others preferring even less.

What is the best cat litter for odor to buy?

Top cat litter for odor

PetSafe Two-Pack of ScoopFree Sensitive Non-Clumping Cat Litter for Odor

PetSafe Two-Pack of ScoopFree Sensitive Non-Clumping Cat Litter for Odor

What you need to know: This premium crystal litter is not only excellent for those trying to control odor but also features a scoop-free, non-clumping formula that quickly dries out solids and liquids.

What you’ll love: This litter for cat odor is considered among the best out there, given its crystal-based, natural absorption of both liquids and solids. In addition, you can purchase it in various odor-defying fragrances, all of which are equally effective at absorbing liquids and drying out solids.

What you should consider: Since it’s technically a non-clumping cat litter, this litter turned out to be a little dustier than most users wanted, despite controlling odor well.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cat litter for odor for the money

Fresh Step Scented Litter with Febreze Odor Shield

Fresh Step Scented Litter with Febreze Odor Shield

What you need to know: For those trying to eliminate cat odors while keeping a tight budget, this Fresh Step scented litter includes a Febreze odor shield, as well as a clumping formula that won’t track outside of the litter box.

What you’ll love: Fresh Step’s dust-free formula offers super-easy clean-up with an effective clumping formula. The odor shield also includes an ammonia-based odor-reducing formula that prevents bacteria growth while organically helping to reduce the smell of used litter.

What you should consider: This cat litter for odor has a powerful fragrance, which many users said their cats were too sensitive to handle.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Platinum Cat Litter for Odor

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Platinum Cat Litter for Odor

What you need to know: This super-effective clump and seal cat litter for odor is a powerful deodorizing litter and comes in a huge bulk size that will last most cat owners for months.

What you’ll love: Arm and Hammer’s Platinum Clump and Seal litter clumps more quickly than most cat litters, making it ideal for any feline friend. It also includes a dust-free, odor-eliminating litter formula that makes it easy to control your cat’s odor and is subtle enough even for sensitive cats.

What you should consider: Some buyers of this cat litter for odor complained that their cats tracked the litter outside of the litter box and ended up purchasing a litter mat.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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