McNees Minute: Electric Vehicle

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Automakers are introducing a growing number of electric vehicle models with longer mileage ranges each year. Battery technology is now available for small, medium and heavy-duty vehicles.  Federal and state agencies, as well as electric utilities, are offering several programs, grant opportunities, and other incentives to individuals and businesses interested in purchasing electric vehicles, converting their fleets, or building electric vehicle charging stations. Electric vehicle charging stations are often owned and operated by third party charging companies who can provide technical support for the charging stations.  If your business intends to host a charging station that is owned and operated by a third party, you may need to navigate certain access, billing, installation, and other utility-related issues during the contracting and construction process.  If you have any questions as you navigate this process or evaluate programs to support your business’s adoption of electric vehicles or charging infrastructure, please contact McNees Wallace & Nurick and we will be happy to assist you.

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