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Earlier this month, the City of Philadelphia enacted a law prohibiting pre-employment testing for marijuana.  The new law takes effect January 1. Of course, there are exceptions – Individuals working in law enforcement, in positions requiring a CDL, and in positions involving the supervision or care of children, medical patients, the disabled or other vulnerable individuals may be tested.  Further, the city has promised regulations to allow testing for positions that could impact the health or safety of other employees or the public. Testing is also permitted if required by statute, federal contract or a collective bargaining agreement. You’re not a Philadelphia employer . . . should you still care?  Yes.  Marijuana testing  bans are trending and ban could soon be coming to your city.  Further, employers in surrounding counties could lose applicants to Philadelphia employers – especially applicants who do not want their medical marijuana use scrutinized pre-employment. Want more updates on marijuana and the workplace, join us June 10th