McNees Minute: Supreme Court Audio Arguments

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The Supreme Court of the United States gets headlines, but for many the work that the Court does remains fairly obscure.  Primarily, the Court decides cases that are on appeal, which means a lower court has already made a decision, one party thinks it was the wrong decision and is asking the Supreme Court to take another look.  The cases are decided on written submissions and then oral argument before the Court.  As a result of the pandemic, the ability to see and understand the process of an appeal has gotten easier.  For the first time, the United States Supreme Court has permitted telephonic oral arguments and has allowed the public to listen in live as they happen.  Similarly, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has conducted oral arguments on You-Tube, permitting the public to watch.

The recordings of these arguments are available on the Courts’ websites. It is a chance for the public to learn more about what these important Courts do.

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