McNees Minute: Under Insured Motorist Coverage

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Could it be, the most important part of your car insurance policy is optional, expensive, and you may not have it? It’s called underinsured motorist coverage. If someone else hits and hurts you, their insurance will take care of you, right?  Not necessarily. Believe it or not, some Pennsylvania drivers may only have a $15,000 policy.  So, what if you are laid up and can’t work for a year after a crash? With good underinsured motorist insurance, your own company owes you special duties, and, you have leverage with your own company you don’t have with the other guy’s insurance. At McNees Wallace and Nurick, we’ve helped our clients overcome car insurance issues for many years.  If you are concerned because an underinsured driver hit and hurt you, we know exactly how to help.  Please call us, so we can help you.

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