HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Today is global running day and if you’re looking to lace up your shoes for a jog, the Harrisburg area has plenty of options.

The goal of the holiday is to celebrate running and encourage people to move their body. The day highlights the benefits running provides to not only physical health, but mental health as well.

The Harrisburg area boasts many trails that are perfect for celebrating global running day. These are the top five, according to Yelp.

1. Riverfront Park

Located beside the Susquehanna River, the park offers plenty of views for runners. Besides the trails for joggers and hikers, it includes the Walnut Street Bridge, a pedestrian parkway connecting downtown Harrisburg and the park with City Island.

At points on the trail runners are able to view blue Mountain, offering another aspect of natural scenery to the trail.

2. Captial Area Greenbelt

The 20-mile-loop trail runs through and around Harrisburg, passing through Riverfront Park, Reservoir Park and Wildwood Park. Runners get to experience everything on the greenbelt from woods, parks, residential areas and urban scenery.

Most of the trail is situated on dedicated paths, but some of it falls on local roads. It consists of paved, gravel and crushed stone.

3. Wildwood Park

Wildwood Park is home to seven trails ranging from 0.2 miles to 2.1 miles and which vary in difficulty. Two of the trails are marked as ADA accessible.

There are options for those who enjoy incline running and for the casual or beginner runner who many prefer easier trails. The Delta Boardwalk is only 0.4 miles in length and the wooden walkway offers an easier path while still immersing a runner into the natural surroundings.

4. Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area

The preserve is home to 12 miles of hiking trails with ratings from “easiest” to “more difficult” to “most difficult”. The seven trails offered at Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area include four loop trails with the longest being 2.8 miles and the shortest being 1.1 miles, two out-and-back trails of 0.9 miles and 1.9 miles and one connector trail of 0.9 miles.

runners can expect to see blooming wildflowers like butterfly weed, deep forest birds such as warblers and, as the name implies, large trees.

5. Fort Hunter Mansion & Park

Fort Hunter Park offers places to run around the Pennsylvania Canal, the Susquehanna River and around the park perimeter. With 40 acres of open land, there is plenty of space for runners to find a path and experience the historical and natural location.

The Harrisburg area is a runner’s paradise with pops of natural beauty located in and around the capital city. There are numerous places to explore and enjoy for global running day.