As Esports continue to grow in popularity, groups continue to pop up trying to add stability. The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Esports Association looks to organize Esports for high schools across the states.

The group is one of the first high school governing bodies solely focused on Esports programs and clubs. Organized in 2019, the PIEA provides oversight and a competition format for high schools to contend for a state championship.

The league will compete in a fall, winter and spring season and award a state championship in each game for each season.

Currently, the group has dozens of schools competing in Overwatch and Rocket League. The divisions are Commonwealth, Keystone and Penn Divisions.

According to the PIEA website, the group’s “primary mission is to build confidence in the integrity of high school esports programs, promote curriculum that enhance STEM and other educational opportunities, and develop world-class Esports content that will grow Esports opportunities.

The PIEA believes its mission will support a safe, structured and reliable competitions for students to compete in.

The inaugural PIEA season completed an eight-week regular season, will begin playoffs on Monday and then will award a state championship in Rocket League and Overwatch in May.