Former hoops coach, local artist begin unique printing business


Some people just don’t know how to relax. Sometimes, that’s a good thing.

Former Elizabethtown boy’s basketball coach Rocky Parise is one of those people. After 13 years at E-Town, he resigned in March.

“[I was] just looking for a little bit of downtime and [was] trying to reinvest my time a little bit.”

His reinvestment came in the form of a new second job with the help of his friend, Seth Hoffman. The two created their own graphic design business, called My Jersey.

The idea is to print life-like jersey replicas for athletes and former athletes of all ages. Hoffman, the graphic designer, figured the two could create something unique.

“I haven’t seen this before,” he explained. “If we have seen it, we’ve seen it as maybe somewhat stock, or cartoonish.”

The benefit is the ability to bring the tangibility of a real jersey, but it won’t wear down.

“Time and time again, people are like wait a second, this isn’t real?,” Hoffman said.

There isn’t an end goal for Parise and Hoffman — they’re taking a sportslike day-by-day approach.

“We’re kind of just doing everything that we can to provide a good product that people are gonna be happy with,” Parise said. “As that keeps building, we’ll see where it takes us.”

If you would like to order a jersey, email

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