MIDDLETOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — Middletown Area School District has cancelled its high school football season amid a growing hazing scandal.

For the students who were not involved in the multiple hazing incidents, some community members wonder if these students are able to transfer to different schools where they could play football.

The PIAA clarified on Wednesday that a student who was involved in the hazing, and therefore disciplined by Middletown Area School District, could not transfer to a new school to avoid punishment.

PIAA bylaws would allow for presumptive eligibility in cases where a school’s football program is disbanded for low participation numbers or financial reasons. That would allow the students who lose their opportunity to play football at their high school, to play for another school immediately.

The Middletown football season cancellation would not fall within this bylaw, meaning a student transferring to a new school would have to follow different guidelines.

The PIAA clarified to abc27 on Wednesday that “a transfer after a student starts practice at a school must sit out a period of 21 days from their enrollment date at the new school-and complete the athletic transfer waiver request form.”

From there, the transfer waiver request form will be handled by the District III committee on a case-by-case basis to determine athletic eligibility of the student.

This information comes as abc27 has already confirmed one of the first transfers out of the Middletown Area School District. Steel-High has accepted the transfer of former Middletown quarterback Bamm Appleby.

Middletown says it made the decision to cancel the football season entirely after an additional video- surfaced showing another hazing incident.

The district had already released the findings of its investigation into a video from August 11th. In a statement from the Superintendent Dr. Chelton Hunter, the school says the video showed multiple football players pinning down two teammates and poking them in the buttocks with two objects. The victims were fully clothed.

The students involved in that hazing incident were removed from the football team pending further investigation, but the school says the additional video showed the hazing was more widespread than initially thought.