STEELTON, P.a. (WHTM) — Last week, Alex Erby set the Pennsylvania career passing yards record. This week, he decided to etch his name in the PA history books again.

With seven touchdown passes, Erby could become the new career leader for TD passes in PA state history, and that’s exactly what he did in a 67-12 win over Newport.

“It’s real special,” Erby said. “I mean I thank the man above for making this all happen. Thanks to my O-linemen, nothing I can really do without those guys.”

“Just looking back on that list, I was looking at it last night a bit and just the names and the accomplishments,” Erby said. “Some hall of famers on that list too so I’m just blessed for the opportunity.”

Erby wasn’t alone in his record breaking night. Wide receiver Durrell Ceasar Junior set the school receptions record with a first quarter touchdown catch, and defensive end Eugene Green set the school sack record with a first quarter sack.

Steel-High hosts Trinity next Saturday at 4 p.m. while Newport hosts Halifax next Friday.