Greatest Moments: Darrel Evans shatters backboard at Steel-High, brings change to school


Two plays changed the gym at Steelton-Highspire High School forever.

They came in the same game.

Steel-High was in the middle of a 1985 contest with rival Reading in front of a packed gym. The Rollers team consisted of a few high flyers, including senior Darrel Evans.

Although the local guy will get the fame, it was the Knights’ Brian D’Amico who made the first move, shattering one of the backboards on a dunk in the first quarter. Naturally, things were put on hold as the broken hoop was replaced.

“We took a delay after the first dunk, probably 40, 45 minutes,” Evans recounted.

Nobody in Steelton had never seen something like that happen in a high school game. Oddly enough, it happened again in the fourth quarter.

The basket was no good, but Evans was fouled on a dunk attempt on a breakaway. He pulled the rim down and again, the results were shattering.

“When that happened to me, they stopped the game completely because they didn’t have any more replacements,” he said.

Two backboards obliterated under the same roof on the same night. Although the details of the game get lost in the shuffle, the Rollers went on to win the game once it restarted a few days later.

After that, the school switched to an entirely new type of backboard, a Darrel Evans-proof set that has not since been broken.

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