HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Susquehanna Township Baseball Association is getting a huge upgrade thanks to the Harrisburg Senators.

The Minor League Baseball team partnered with First National Bank and Black Landscaping to provide a Hometown Makeover to one of the Midstate’s Little League baseball programs.

“We have a platform which is a really important one in this community,” said team president Kevin Kulp. “It’s not just on city island during 69 games, [but] it’s how we can affect this community to make it better. Not everything we do is going to be on a gigantic scale because we are a small company, but when we can make a small difference, we know that it is a difference.”

Organizations across the Midstate went through an application process for the chance to be chosen for a renovation.

The Senators chose STBA’s Stabler Field through a review process that included site visits.

Through the work of FNB, Senators and Black Landscaping volunteers, the crew will level the field and replace the mound with a movable mound. This will allow kids of all ages to use the field with the proper dimensions for each age group.

The Harrisburg Senators plan to continue these Hometown Makeovers every year, choosing a different organization each year.