While the entire sports world continues to shut down in an effort to help combat the coronavirus, one sport is doing just fine: esports.

The Harrisburg University esports team, the Storm, has the ability to stream matches online, avoiding contact, while competing.

“Both students and the general public can tune in online and watch competitive video games,” said program director Chad Smeltz. “And that’s the best part.”

While the Storm doesn’t have to shut down its season like most other sports leagues have already done this week, it does have to make changes.

“We’re really keen on having in-person events as much as possible,” Smeltz added. “Right now , obviously, we have a hold on doing those types of things and we’re replacing them with online events.”

The Whitaker Center in downtown Harrisburg, where the team facility is located, was shut down as a precaution shortly after talking to the team.

Harrisburg University still played a League of Legends match on Friday evening, sweeping the University of Toronto-Mississuaga three maps to zero.