Harrisburg’s Kent brothers pushing through family tragedy toward local dreams


They say, ‘boys will be boys,’ and we all know that brothers will be brothers.

Competition has always been fierce in the family of Ronald and Donte Kent. The two youngest of four, always had plenty of back-and-forth.

“We just battled, it didn’t matter what it was,” older brother Ronald said. It could just be playing a game, and we’d take it very seriously.”

They helped push each other hard enough to become two of the best football players in the Midstate. Ronald is a rising junior at Western Carolina University, where he has received all-conference and all-American honors. Donte will be heading to Central Michigan in the fall.

“I look up to him and I wanted to be like him, and I still do,” Donte said.

Both Kents showcased their skills at Harrisburg High School. Both are now Division One defensive backs. Through the admiration that has grown over the years, the competitive fire still sits within the both of them. No brother can avoid the classic, ‘Who is more talented?,’ question.

“He always says he could catch a ball over me, but he would never do it,” Ronald said.

“I’m never going to give [the title as better defensive back] to him,” Donte said, convincingly. “Never.”

Some things will never change, but the brothers are on the same page when it comes to bringing about change in their city. Both brothers are studying Childhood Education in college.

The brothers learned earlier this week that their little cousin was killed in a shooting in Harrisburg.

“I don’t like that in the community,” Donte said. “So I want to give back and just make this place a better community.”

Now, as the brothers continue to train and prepare for their upcoming seasons, they do so with added motivation, one that they hope can push them to the NFL.

If not, faith and intelligence will guide the Kent brothers on the path to success off the field.

“I want to take [football] as far as God lets me,” Ronald said. “If that’s after college and I’m done, then I’m done. But, if I get the chance to play in the NFL, I will.”

Based on the other similarities between the two, it’s no surprise that Donte feels the same way.

“The NFL has always been a dream for me, but I’m following God’s plan.”

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