HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — If you’re not quite into regular-old golf, there’s a fun alternative local enthusiast Adam Leavelle has been championing for four years that goes by the name of Fling Golf.

“I just love it,” Leavelle said. “It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done sports-wise and I played sports all through high school I just love this.”

Leavelle needed an alternative when normal golf was no longer an option.

“I had an injury years ago, three big screws in my right shoulder, can’t backswing in golf anymore,” Leavelle said. “Watching Shark Tank one night and they pitched this product called Fling Golf, the Fling Stick by New Swarm. I look at my wife instantly like I’m getting that.”

Like real golf, It’s not something anyone can just pick up.

“It started a little rough,” Leavelle said. “My first week I couldn’t throw a hundred yards. I was ready to return it I made a mistake.”

But the learning curve is much shorter.

“Watched a couple videos on YouTube, saw how guys were doing it, adapted my style, picked it up, took me about two weeks,” Leavelle said. “After that I was throwing close to 200 yards and have been in love with it even more since.”

Also like traditional golf, there are many more shots than just flinging it.

“From a bunker, it’s hard to scoop out so I just turn the club backwards and get it right up to the ball, and lift it out with my wrist,” Leavelle said, flinging the ball from behind him up over his head onto the green.

Leavelle even made his own shot for getting off the fringe called the bunt, and yes you can putt with the fling stick. The Fling Golf community is growing and there are tournaments all over the country.

“You can actually become professional in it,” Leavelle said. “They have professional tournaments. You can play in them for fun but if you qualify and you’re good enough, you’re a professional Fling Golfer.”

Leavelle primarily plays at Spring Creek in Hershey, but hopes courses begin allowing Fling Golfers on. They’ve got a good incentive to:

“Money,” Leavelle said. “If you realize we’re paying green fees the same as everyone else. It’s a very fast paced game.

“You’re never going to slow anybody down and make them wait behind you while you look for your balls in the woods and I don’t know why any golf course wouldn’t want to make the money.”