Harrisburg, P.A. (WHTM) — Central Dauphin East had a strong season under first year head coach Lance Deane last year, but this year they’re all business, and they want to look the part.

Assistant coach Ahkee Cox-Cowan, also a former college teammate of Deane’s, had the idea going back to their college days of the team dressing in business attire to away games so players can look the part on these ‘business trips.’

While some CD East players may not have the means to upgrade their wardrobe, the community stepped in with donations to help players dress for the occasion. Some even donated their own dress clothes for players.

“Trying to teach them some of the things that it takes to become an actual good young man and not just a good football player so just looking the part, being respectful, just knowing how to talk, how to present yourself,” Deane said.

“So we got a long way to go but we’re just trying to give them some of the life tools and the life things that we have learned over the years as a coaching staff and as a school community,” Deane said.”

“You look good you play good… you look good, they pay good eventually,” Cox-Cowan said. “That’s what it’s all about man, getting these guys ready for the real world, the next level, that’s what we’re trying to do here, that’s all.”

Deane said anyone interested in making donations can contact him via email lancedeane@gmail.com or go directly through the school.