SALFORDVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Freddie Rahmer has had a very successful season, and he currently stands on top of the J&S Classics Central PA Sprint Cars Series standings with just one race remaining in the campaign.

“I would really like to win that,” Rahmer said. “I never have yet. We’ve been 2nd [and] 3rd a lot of the years lately. It would be a cool deal to do that.”

Rahmer has 17 series wins this season, seven wins ahead of the driver with the second most wins, and has accumulated 1487 points. The Salfordville, Pennsylvania native is 38 points in front of second-place driver Danny Dietrich.

The final race of the season is set for Nov. 11 at BAPS Motor Speedway. The only way Rahmer won’t win the top spot for the season is if Dietrich wins and Rahmer comes in 10th place or worse at BAPS. A tie could happen if Dietrich won and Rahmer came in 9th place however Rahmer would win the tie-breaker because he has more wins than Dietrich.

If Dietrich comes in second place or worse Rahmer automatically wins the season.

“I’m happy that with the position we’re in,” Rahmer said. “We’re better than last year win-wise and consistency-wise. It’s cool to think about. You don’t really do it during the season because you’re just going week to week.”

The 27-year-old has been racing 410s since 2014, around the time he graduated high school. His father Fred Rahmer raced for a living up until 2013 and Rahmer and his brother Brandon Rahmer took up the sport. Rahmer spent time working on the car in the shop and in the pits while growing up, which helped spark his interest. The Rahmer brothers started driving at Lincoln Speedway on Saturdays to get experience and eventually began driving the family car full-time.

“We grew up around the races and it’s kind of like the only thing we’ve ever known,” Rahmer said. “If we’re not racing it’s like ‘Well, what do we do now on the weekends?’. It’s not an easy thing but it’s very rewarding.”

Rahmer doesn’t race for a living like his father did, but he enjoys all parts of his driving career. He says the part that he enjoys the most is the behind-the-scenes work that others don’t really get to see.

Some highlights of Rahmer’s season so far include taking the Williams Grove track title for the third time in his career. Rahmer was the runner-up for the track title last season, but this year he secured the honor with an average finish of 6.8 after racing in all 20 features at Williams Grove.

Rahmer executed two wins at the track this season on May 19 and June 2 and was runner-up three times.

“When you start the season, it’s in the back of your head to try to win the points because we run that track every week,” Rahmer said.

Rahmer previously won the Williams Grove track title in 2017 and 2020.

Rahmer says that earning these titles has been one of the high points of his career along with winning the Outlaw show at Lincoln. Although all of the big wins are important to Rahmer, he says he even enjoys the nights when he doesn’t take home first place.

“When you have good runs from the back and have a really good night that didn’t seem like it should have been, those are just as rewarding,” Rahmer said.

A large part of Rahmer’s motivation to be successful comes from his focus on the present.

“[I] always strive to try to be better because no matter what you do anytime, who you are, you’re only as good as what’s going on right now,” Rahmer said. “You have to prove to yourself pretty much every time you go out what you’re capable of. That’s one of the things that pushes you to keep going.”

Rahmer is looking forward to wrapping up the season this Saturday. He will be prepping for the race with his normal maintenance routine, such as changing motors, but will be keeping in mind the potential for different track conditions due to colder weather.

“It’s been a long year because we started in the last week of February and it’s crazy when you think about different points of the year and you forget some races or weekends,” Rahmer said. “I’m looking forward to running well the last show and then doing the preparation for the offseason.”