DOVER, Pa. (WHTM) — With the District III 2A diving championships settled at Big Spring, all eyes turned toward Dover Area High School for the 3A district diving championships.

Starting with the girls, Dover junior diver Taylor Tuohy won the district title fairly comfortably with a total score of 219.1, nearly 28 points better than second place Cora Keener of Spring Grove.

“I mean everyone’s worked really hard for it and to just come out here and dive well and be with all my friends is really fun,” Tuohy said.

“I’m really excited,” Tuohy continued. “States is really going to be some competition and a lot of great divers here and a lot of great divers at states so I’m really excited to see how states goes.”

On the boys’ side, it was a tighter race to the finish. Northern York’s Zachary Lloyd ended up scraping out a district title win over Governor Mifflin’s Alex Wodehouse with a total score of 251.25 to 246.3.

District III 3A Girls Diving Results

  1. Taylor Tuohy (Dover Area High School) – 219.1
  2. Cora Keener (Spring Grove Area High School) – 191.25
  3. Maddie Wilczynski (Wilson High School) – 187
  4. Corrine Armes (Red Land High School) – 184.05
  5. Elise Potter (Palmyra High School) – 170.7
  6. Hannah Ely (Red Land High School) – 157.5
  7. Kate Elgin (Wilson High School) – 156.5
  8. Anna Carrick (South Western High School) – 154.55
  9. Kylie Ramsay (Shippensburg Area High School) – 153.40
  10. Paige Fryberger (Governor Mifflin High School) – 147.85
  11. Madeline North-Shellerman (Gettysburg Area High School) – 141.55
  12. Jessica Wolf (Manheim Township High School) 131.85
  13. Grace Macphee (Hershey High School) – 116.20
  14. Ally Schell (Wilson High School) – 115.35

District III 3A Boys Diving Results

  1. Zachary Lloyd (Northern York High School) – 251.25
  2. Alex Wodehouse (Governor Mifflin High School) – 246.3
  3. Alek Mcglaughlin (Lower Dauphin High School) 210.55
  4. Ephram Murray (Wilson High School) – 192.9
  5. Jackson Williams (Wilson High School) – 187
  6. Bryce Pattillo (Shippensburg Area High School) – 178.9
  7. Bryce Hammell (Lower Dauphin High School) 165.55
  8. London Mitchell (Gettysburg Area High School) – 159.05
  9. Keagan Myers (Chambersburg Area High School) – 155.85
  10. Sean Henning (Spring Grove Area High School) – 147.35
  11. Brady Hoopes (Spring Grove Area High School) – 141.9