HARRISBURG, P.a. (WHTM) — For many elite basketball players, the window may have passed on getting to that pro level either in the NBA or overseas, but FIBA is giving them an opportunity to compete with great players around the world in a fresh and exciting way.

Midstate native Drew Dawson is helping them do it. The former Trinity basketball player, now co-founder of 3X360, is bringing FIBA three on three basketball all over the country. With the help of the Harrisburg police their event visited the capital this weekend and featured top level players from all over the country, and even players from here in the Midstate.

“Just seeing the growth, the fast-paced nature of what FIBA three on three is doing, just as an alternative pathway for basketball players in the sport, was really appealing for me,” Dawson said.

“Between my work overseas over the years as a former college coach and now with 3X360 Sports, since then it’s been a great experience,” Dawson said.

“To work with The Road Academy here and the city of Harrisburg and Jawns on Fire which is another great local business, we’re just excited to bring this Pro-Am.”

Dawson went on to mention the US didn’t qualify for the Olympics in three on three last go around, showing a need for this basketball style to grow in the states.