(WHTM) — Success is nothing new for Jalen Hurts. A national champion in college at Alabama, he’s always had the spotlight. And today, he’s the leader of the best team in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles. But his father, Averion Hurts, says the pressure never gets to him.

“Who y’all see in interviews, that’s Jalen. Jalen is even keel. You can’t get too high you can’t get too low,” Averion said. “Football is the thing where you’re one play away. And so you have to approach and cherish each moment. And that’s what he does. That’s his mindset.”

Hurts and Eagles now face the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

And he’s made the most of every moment he’s touched the field. Hurts has 3,701 passing yards, 35 total touchdowns in the regular season to go along with being named an NFL MVP Finalist.

What’s the secret to success? It’s Eagles quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson.

“That was a big key or big piece to the puzzle in my opinion because Brian knew him. I coached Brian in high school,” said Averion. “But then Brian recruited him when he was coaching at Mississippi state. And so Brian knew who the kids was.”

Averion believes that comfortability in the Eagles system has only grown for his son after being in the same offensive system for a second consecutive year. The other big piece is Jalen’s attitude.

“Is this kid like this every day? Is he gonna be here early every day? Is he gonna be here late every day? Is he gonna work like this all the time? And the answer to all of those is yeah,” said Averion.

Pair everything together, and this MVP caliber season almost feels like backyard football for Jalen.

“Being able to play with my friends. I’m playing with a lot of my friends that I’ve known for a while now. And we all have the same ambitions,” Jalen said in a press conference on Wednesday.

The Super Bowl is now on the horizon – just one win away.

“For (Jalen) he wouldn’t want to just get there,” Averion said. “When you get there you want to win it. So that’s definitely going to be their mentality is what I would expect.”