DEER LAKE, Pa. (WHTM) – Matt Freiler, also known as Matty Fresh, who went viral five years ago when he released his song “Trace McSorley” is back with a new track about Penn State football.

Freiler released his new song, “niTTany naTion (Official 2023 Penn State Football Anthem)” on Aug. 17, which has already accumulated 6.7K views as of Aug. 21, ahead of the highly anticipated 2023 Penn State football season.

“I just thought about how much fun it would be to give them a soundtrack and give them an anthem,” said Freiler.

The idea for the new release came following his experience at the Rose Bowl last season. Freiler was at the team hotel in Los Angelos after the 35-21 win over Utah and the experience sparked the idea to make a 2023 season hype song.

“Coach Franklin is up on the balcony in the hotel hoisting up the trophy yelling ‘We Are’ to the lobby,” Freiler said. “It literally felt like a scene out of a movie. It was just such a great moment that literally immediately on the plane home I started thinking about [the new song].”

Freiler said that some of the players even came up to him at that celebration and asked when his next song was going to be and who it would be about. Freiler realized he could not pick just one player to highlight and instead created his first ever song about a team.

“All I [could] think about is how you can’t single a certain guy out on this team, that they all deserve some love,” Freiler said. “There’s over a dozen player shouted out in the new one.”

The song features the capitalized “T’s” in the name as a nod to the T-formation which Penn State ran a lot last year and which was responsible for ten Nittany Lion touchdowns. Freiler is a fan of “old school football” and sees this as the start of a comeback for the play scheme.

Freiler is a Penn State grad, earning his bachelor’s in broadcast journalism in 2019, however, the Deer Lake, Pennsylvania native has always had a love for the blue and white.

“Been a fan since I was in diapers,” Freiler said.

Although Freiler has always been a huge sports fan, especially of the Nittany Lions, and had been putting his music on YouTube since 2014, he didn’t combine his love of making music with sports until 2017.

In 2017 Freiler released a song about Saquon Barkley, and he followed it up in 2018 with a song about Trace McSorley while both Freiler and McSorley were seniors at Penn State. Freiler noted that the McSorley song was only really popular within the local Penn State community. However, in 2020 the song went viral.

McSorley played in a game for the Baltimore Ravens against the Pittsburgh Steelers which led to the song gaining popularity to those outside of Nittany Nation. The National Football League and ESPN shared the song and the Ravens played it in their team meeting rooms.

As of Aug. 21, the “Trace McSorley (Official Song)” has 7.8 million views on Freiler’s YouTube channel Matty Fresh.

Social media has given Freiler a way to combine his love for sports, broadcast journalism and music.

“It intertwines pretty well for me being able to have a platform where I can also post my music videos [and] I can share any kind of sports media that we do on there as well,” Freiler said.

Freiler is a huge fan of the XFL and hosts a podcast on his channel called Springball Boulevard. At the end of the XFL’s first season Freiler was able to go to the first ever XFL Championship game where he got to interview league owner Dwayne Johnson. Freiler is considering making an XFL song or a D.C. Defenders song in the future.

“I love relating to an audience,” Freiler said. “I’ve always said, for me, it’s not worth it unless you’re going to show your friend the song that I put out.”

Freiler’s new Penn State song and his other tunes can be found on his YouTube channel Matty Fresh, Spotify or Apple Music.