(WHTM) – The Masters Tournament is currently in progress in Augusta, Ga.

Pennsylvania may not be on any PGA golfer’s list, but some top golfers are from the Keystone state.

Arnold Palmer

Born in Latrobe, Pa on Sept. 10, 1929, Palmer played out of Youngstown, Pa. Palmer turned pro in 1954 and won his first PGA Tour at the Canadian Open in 1955.

Palmer won the Masters four times (1958, 1960, 1962, and 1964) and has the fifth most PGA Tour wins with 62 (11 of those being International wins.) Palmer ranks amongst the greatest of all time.

Also known for the Arnold Palmer, a non-alcoholic drink that combines sweet tea and lemonade.

John McDermott

McDermott was born in Philadelphia, Pa. on Aug. 12, 1891.

John McDermott turned pro in 1908 and finished his career with seven professional wins.

McDermott won the U.S. Open back-to-back years in 1911 and 1912, making him the first American and youngest golfer to win the U.S. Open.

Jim Furyk

Furyk was born in West Chester, Pa. on May 12, 1970, but now plays out of Jacksonville, Fl.

Turning pro in 1992, Furyk joined the PGA Tour in 1994.

The 52-year-old racked up 17 career wins (three of which were International) including a U.S. Open Championship in 2003.

Furyk was invited to play with the best in the world at The Tour Championship (FedEx Cup) and ended up winning with a score of eight under par.

Art Wall Jr.

Wall was born in Honesdale, Pa. on Nov. 25, 1923.

While on the PGA Tour, Wall collected 14 victories including a Masters win in 1959.

Having four PGA Tour wins in 1959 alone, Wall won the award for PGA Player of the Year that year.

Although Wall never won a PGA Championship, he finished fifth in the 1961 PGA Championship and eighth in the 1963 PGA Championship.