HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Harrisburg Senators fans have been counting down the days until their home opener… literally.

“[It’s been] 157 days since the last pitch, we have been waiting. Go Sens,” said Dan Kurran, who has been coming to Harrisburg Senators game since the team started playing in 1987. “Come out to the ballpark whenever you get the chance. Great baseball right in your own backyard.”

And starting off the season for the Senators was Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro. He threw out the first pitch. The first pitch was a bit outside, so he asked for a second throw.

“The catcher’s glove wasn’t exactly set up right for the cutter that I threw,” Shapiro laughed.

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His second pitch was straight down the middle.

“I want to encourage everybody to who’s not here for opening day to come out and catch a Harrisburg Senators game. It’s a really cool place to come,” said Shapiro,

The Senators being back gives the community a nightly entertainment throughout the summer, but also inspires dreams for those in the stands.

“I like to watch them because one day I might play for them,” said Garrett Kurran, who plays catcher for his Little League baseball team in Linglestown.

The Senators fell to the Richmond Flying Squirrels 5-1 on Tuesday. Harrisburg is back on Wednesday at 6:30p.m. for the second of a six-game series against Richmond