HALIFAX, Pa. (WHTM) — The goal this year is no different for Halifax than any other season, make it all the way to the end.

The Wildcats has been a dominant force in Pennsylvania baseball. Halifax has been to the state title game the past two seasons. Winning in 2021, but losing last year. And the latter has stuck with them.

“I just want to get revenge after losing in the state title last year,” said senior Trent Strohecker, who plays middle infield for Halifax.

“It was definitely upsetting. It hurt. But it kind of made me want to get back there even more,” added Judah Miller, Halifax’s star pitcher. “You kind of took it for granted after winning it and then losing it. I think it put a different perspective in… We’re hoping to get back there this year.”

They want to chase that winning feeling again, but at they same time not letting pressures and expectations of reaching the state championship get to them.

“We preach a lot about not thinking about the past and moving on and playing the next pitch, playing the next pitch, playing the next pitch,” said Halifax head coach Jake Sprengle. “These kids just love the game. They don’t care where they’re playing, what they’re playing. They could play in a softball field and they’d have fun. They just love playing the game.”

The season has just started, and for these Halifax seniors who won it two years ago, they just want to enjoy their last ride.

“I just don’t go in thinking I’m going to get (to the state championship). I’m going to let the season take its course,” said Strohecker. “If we make it, we make it. That’s always the end goal, that’s always where we want to be. But I’m never not going to be satisfied with going out like semifinals district game. I’m never going to be disappointed in my team.”

If they do make it to the postseason, things will look a little different for Halifax. The Wildcats moved up from Class 1A to 2A this year. But making a state title game is difficult at any level and this group, led by a core of talented seniors, knows they can make a big run in a new class.