Harrisburg, P.A. (WHTM) — A Harrisburg based softball team has a chance at a national championship this weekend in Las Vegas. Lucky for them, some players bring more than 40 years of experience to the diamond.

The Infoquest.com team is in the 55 and up pool of the Senior Softball World Championships in Vegas this weekend. Double elimination play for the tournament begins Thursday.

Infoquest.com will play Smash 55 for the AAA national championship, and then will have a chance to compete for a world championship in their age group. This experienced group of softballers isn’t taking the opportunity for granted.

“It’s very unique and I don’t know of many teams that get the opportunity because we’re talking about teams from the whole east coast,” second baseman Mark McGahen said. “Teams from Florida all the way to Boston trying to get into this tournament, we were fortunate to win the key games”

“I’ve been places I would’ve never been to playing softball,” head coach and outfielder Bryan Kratzer said. “Callan, Texas and College Station and places in Florida.”

“Las Vegas I probably never would have went there either,” Kratzer said. “I’m not a really big gambler so I would’ve never really thought about going there for a vacation but we all like going out there now.”

With a national championship win Thursday afternoon, Infoquest will be the top seed in the world championship bracket.