MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Lance Dewease was crowned the winner at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday, taking the only win of the weekend as Saturday’s race at BAPS Motor Speedway was rained out.

Friday’s victory was Dewease’s fourth point series win of the year; however, it was his first for the Macri Motorsports J&S Classics 39m team.

The $6,000 purse win was Dewease’s 114th overall win at Williams Grove.

Dewease out-drove Freddie Rahmer by a 1.407 second margin to seal the win. Dewease owned the fastest lap of the race at 16.888 seconds.

Dewease was trailing Brent Marks at the halfway point of the race, but a red flag came out following Ryan Smith turning over and Danny Dietrich taking a flat tire. Once the race restarted, Dewease tried to pass Marks twice, failing both times.

However, Marks ended up pulling into the pits, allowing Dewease to seal the win.

The results from the 410 sprints 25 laps at Williams Grove were as follows:

  1. Lance Dewease
  2. Freddie Rahmer
  3. Troy Wagaman Jr.
  4. Devon Borden
  5. TJ Stutts
  6. Cameron Smith
  7. Chad Trout
  8. Dylan Norris
  9. Danny Dietrich
  10. Jake Karklin
  11. Justin Whittall
  12. Lucas Wolfe
  13. Jeff Halligan
  14. Kyle Moody
  15. Billy Dietrich
  16. Robbie Kendall
  17. Mike Walter II
  18. JJ Loss
  19. Chris Arnold
  20. TJ Greve
  21. Brent Marks
  22. Ryan Smith
  23. Tyler Reeser
  24. Rick Lafferty

Action will continue on Friday and Saturday night at Williams Grove Speedway for the World of Outlaws 61st National Open event. Saturday’s feature owns a $75,000 payout.

The 2023 J&S Classics Central PA Sprint Car Series standings are as follows:

PositionCar NumberDriverPointsSeries Wins
18/51Freddie Rahmer145117
248Danny Dietrich13495
323Devon Borden10737
419Brent Marks9889
571Anthony Macri9317
639mLance Dewease6534
727Troy Wagaman Jr5762
813Justin Peck5441
944Dylan Norris5171
105Dylan Cisney4872
112DChase Dietz4773
1299mKyle Mood4571
1311TJ Stutts453
1475/5Tyler Ross405
155wLucas Wolfe3892
1645Jeff Halligan3581
1791Kyle Reinhardt3501
1817BSteve Buckwalter3382
1969Cameron Smith321
2012Blane Heimbach2971
2155Mike Waner268
2269kLogan Wagner2671
2388Brandon Rahmer244
2424Rico Abreu2353
2526Zeb Wise2242