GRANTVILLE, P.a. (WHTM) — When COVID-19 shut down Big Brothers Big Sisters’ annual bowling fundraiser, Joe Holston had an idea on how to raise the money. And it was a crazy one.

Holston began the Golf Fore Kids’ Sake in 2020, raising money by golfing 100 holes of golf at Manada Golf Club in one day. He has upped the stakes each year, with a goal of 162 holes — nine full rounds of golf — here in 2023. Holston unfortunately had to stop after 135 holes due to severe weather — in his defense, that severe weather nearly shut down our sportscast, which you can watch above — but it was still a tremendous feat for the 66 year old. So how does he do it?

“I think about the kids,” Holston said. “There’s a lot of kids on our waiting list that if we can get the money we can provide the matches. Kids are important. If we can’t serve them because we don’t have the money that stinks so that’s kind of the motivation to keep going out there.”