HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — San Francisco’s KRON4 Sports Director Jason Dumas joined our Big Game Bound Soaring Through The Playoffs special previewing the NFC Championship between the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers to provide a detailed scouting report of the Eagles’ opponent heading into Sunday’s tilt.

You can read the full back and forth with Dumas below:

We’re joined by jason dumas of k-r-o-n in san francisco for a breakdown of the 49ers ahead of this heavyweight tilt…

JARED PHILLIPS: Jason thanks for joining us. The 49ers are the hottest team in the NFL. A dozen straight wins, they haven’t lost since October and they’re perfect with rookie quarterback Brock Purdy running the show. Between Purdy, the Mccaffrey trade, or the defense turning a corner, what has been the key component to this run?

JASON DUMAS: Yeah, I actually think it’s been Christian McCaffrey. Now, you know, before we get into him, obviously the 49ers have a very balanced team offensively and defensively. But Christian McCaffrey really took that offense to another level and it gave Kyle Shanahan so many options and schemes to play with when you have a guy who is so versatile. Honestly, I think he’s their best player on offense. Their defense has always been good, even when they were 3-4. Their defense was the best defense in football, and that offense went to another level when they acquired Christian McCaffrey.

JARED: Kyle Shanahan has always had these elite rushing attacks, but now he has an elite runner to really kind of power the whole thing. You mentioned that top ranked Niners defense, but the few times they struggled this season were against mobile quarterbacks like Justin Fields or Marcus Mariota. The Eagles, led by Jalen hurts, are a whole different beast. What kind of unique challenge does Philly present for this Niners defense?

JASON: Not many teams have been able to slow down this offense in Philly, but if any can do it, it’ll be the Niners defense. I think they’ll put a spy on Jalen Hurts. They’ll try to keep him in the pocket. Maybe Fred Warner, who is just playing out of his mind. He was so good last week against Dallas. Jalen Hurts has proved that he doesn’t have to be a rusher to beat you. You know, he can beat you with his arm. He can take it over top. He can play the middle of the field. Nick Bosa has to play a little better. I mean, he’s the betting favorite for defensive player of the year, but he’s been pretty quiet this postseason. No one’s really talking about it. He doesn’t have any sacks, doesn’t have any pressure. I do think Nick Bosa will have to play a key role in this game and and really make Jalen Hurts feel uncomfortable if the 49ers are going to want to have a chance.

JARED: What’s one thing San Fran needs to do to come out on top in this game?

JASON: I know you asked me one, but they’re kind of different, sort of. First thing, I think they need to get off to a good start. I do not think they are well equipped to play from behind, especially on the road, especially with a rookie quarterback. Brock Purdy has been really good, don’t get me wrong, but Kyle Shanahan has been very, very intentional on how he’s used him. And then the other thing is just running the football, if they’re able to run the ball efficiently, that that’ll bode well for the 49ers. And that’s one thing the Eagles have kind of been susceptible to. If the Niners can run the ball with Elijah Mitchell, Christian McCaffrey, it’ll be a good sign for them.

JARED: It’s no secret you’re a Philly guy… How conflicted will you be Sunday in South Philly when the Eagles and Niners finally go at it?

JASON: No conflict here. I’m born and raised in Philadelphia. I’m an Eagles fan. I know how to toe the line well so I can still be objective and do my job efficiently. But if you’re asking me where my heart is, it lies in Philadelphia.