BRIDGEPORT, Nj. (WHTM) – In the second to last race of the season Kyle Reinhardt took first place in the feature at Bridgeport Motorsports Park in New Jersey on Saturday.

Reinhardt took home a $15,000 purse in the victory. Danny Dietrich, who is in second place in the points standings just 38 points behind leader Freddie Rahmer, came in second in the race. Justin Peck wrapped up the leaderboard with third.

The final show of the year will be at BAPS Motor Speedway on Nov. 11. To overtake Rahmer, Dietrich has to win the last race and Rahmer would have to finish 10th or lower. If Dietrich were to win and Rahmer placed 8th or better Rahmer would be the champion. If Rahmer placed 9th in a Dietrich-winning scenario, there would be a tie for first.

The tie-breaker would come down to who has the most wins this year, which Rahmer currently leads with 17 to Dietrich’s 5.

If Dietrich finished 2nd or worse, Rahmer automatically wins the season.

The winner will receive a $5,000 prize with second place receiving $3,000.

The 2023 J&S Classics Central Pa Sprint Car Series standings are as follows:

PositionCar NumberDriverPointsSeries Wins
18/51Freddie Rahmer148717
248Danny Dietrich14495
323Devon Borden10877
419Brent Marks18410
539mAnthony Macri9727
612Lance Dewease7114
727Troy Wagaman Jr6263
813Justin Peck6181
944Dylan Norris5491
102DChase Dietz5073
115Dylan Cisney4872
1211TJ Stutts463
1399MKyle Moody4571
1491Kyle Reinhardt4403
1475/5Tyler Ross440
165wLuas Wolfe4012
1745Jeff Halligan3581
1839TCameron Smith339
1917BSteve Buckwalter3382
2024Rico Abreu3314
217BCTyler Courtney3093
2212Blane Heimbach2971
2326Zeb Wise2883
2449Brad Sweet2772
2555Mike Wagner268