Bryce Hall isn’t the only one happy and relieved to be selected 158th overall by the New York Jets in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Hall’s high school football coach at Bishop McDevitt, Jeff Weachter, reacted to the news after the draft on Saturday afternoon.

“[The Jets] are getting, I feel, the steal of the draft,” he said. “Just everything that is inside of him and the want to be great and wanting to work and get better all the time.”

Weachter who has seen a number of his former players get a shot in the NFL, was surprised to see Hall fall to the fifth round.

“I think a lot of the unknown with the ankle injury and surgery [caused a fall],” he said. “But I understand how the NFL works and if they can’t see him do anything, then there’s always concern.”

Hall was limited to just six games in his senior season at Virginia due to an ankle injury suffered in a game against Miami. He missed the NFL combine while recovering from the injury.

His former coach knows that Hall will be more than ready when it comes to proving his on-field product at football’s highest level.

“I’m really proud of him. A lot of this is just good, hard work by Bryce.”