MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Mechanicsburg softball is cruising to start the season as the Wildcats stand a perfect 9-0 on the year. Their bats are red hot, as they’ve outscored their opponents 38-5 over the last two games. But the anchors of the Wildcats are inside the circle.

Junior Sam Rybacki and sophomore Jada Lacey have been nearly unhittable this season, literally. Rybacki tossed a no-hitter against Gettysburg last Tuesday, striking out 12 batters. Lacey recently struck out six against Hershey.

And they love each other’s game.

“I’m really in awe of (Sam) if I had to put it into words,” said Lacey. “I just think she’s an overall dominant pitcher whenever she comes in.”

“(Jada’s) just amazing. I have confidence whenever I’m in centerfield or even on the bench,” said Rybacki. “She’s going to get her job done and she’s going to do it very well.”

They are a one-two combo for Mechanicsburg, each will comes in relief for the other during games. And their pitching styles compliment each other so well.

“Jada whenever she’s in, she likes to throw outside and then I throw more inside. So when I came in (against Hershey), it kind of threw (the batters) all off because they were thinking outside and I started throwing inside. They were all thrown off so I think we work pretty well together,” Rybacki said.

Winning games is always going to be fun, but for this duo, the chance to share a field together for a few more years is what they really cherish.

“It puts the cherry on top of everything,” said Lacey.

Mechanicsburg is going to need strong performances from Lacey and Rybacki as the Wildcats face Palmyra at home on Tuesday.