Pennsylvania Speedweek is set for its 31st annual event releasing its schedule on Friday. The 10-night event begins on June 25 and runs through Sunday, July 4.

Speedweek will make two stops at Williams Grove, Port Royal and Lincoln Speedway. The event will make one-day stops at BAPS, Grandview, Hagerstown and Selinsgrove. This marks PA Sprint Speedweek’s first stop at BAPS Motor Speedway since 2006.

Full schedule

Friday, June 25Williams Grove
Saturday, June 26Lincoln Speedway
Sunday, June 27BAPS Motor Speedway
Monday, June 28Lincoln Speedway
Tuesday, June 29Grandview Speedway
Wednesday, June 30Port Royal
Thursday, July 1Hagerstown Speedway
Friday, July 2Williams Grove
Saturday, July 3Port Royal Speedway
Sunday, July 4Selinsgrove Speedway

“The way the July 4th holiday falls in 2021, it set up a 10 race Speedweek, our first since 2018,” said Alan Kreitzer, a member of the PA Sprint Speedweek association. “Adding another $7,000 to win event to Speedweek continues our efforts to increase the attractiveness of the series to our great fans and the 410 sprint car teams.”

The 10 night’s of consecutive racing are seen as the marquee event in Central Pennsylvania Racing. Fred Rahmer, Greg Hodnett, Lance Dewease and Kyle Larson have all won the coveted title.