Steelton, P.A. (WHTM) — The 2020 1A state champs are on the cusp of a 2022 state title, but that will require exorcising some demons from 2021.

“This year we’re just seeking one thing and it’s called the revenge tour and we just want to knock everybody out” junior quarterback Alex Erby said.

Steelton-Highspire gets another shot at Canton Friday Night in the state semifinals, the team that knocked the Rollers out of the first round of the state playoffs last season.

“We have a lot of respect for what they do, and obviously they showed us last year that they were a tough football team and they deserved the right to be the number one team in the state moving into this year,” head coach Andrew Erby said.

“Basically everybody is saying this is the state championship really right here number one and number two in the state,” Alex Erby said.

Steel-High and Canton’s 2021 bout featured a 32-27 barnburner that included Roller mistakes that Alex Erby is vowing to clean up in round two.

“I definitely underestimated them a little bit I mean I wasn’t watching any film or anything like that, but right now I’m losing sleep over this game,” Alex Erby said.

“Staying up until 2 am, watching film, drawing up the coverages and stuff on the board,” Alex said. “I’m definitely ready, I know they’re a good football team.”

For the Erbys’ in particular, raising the plaque again in 2022 means delivering on a promise.

“Before my grandma passed away she wanted us to take home a state title,” Alex Erby said. “I just do everything for her and this team. She loved everybody on this team like she was their own child.”

For every Roller, it’s all about getting the job done.

“That’s the fun of it,” junior running back Ronald Burnette Jr. said. “We put in the hard work now, we get to raise the plaque at the end and that’s the fun right there.”

“I’ve dreamed about this moment ever since coming in to play high school football so I’m ready for it,” senior lineman Marquis Beasley said.

“The expectation is to win, and that’s the only one,” Burnette Jr. said.