MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Steel High won their second state title in three seasons as the Rollers defeated Union 22-8 in the Class 1A state championship on Thursday.

Steel High was led by running back Ronald Burnette who scored all three touchdowns for the Rollers in the win.

“It feels beyond my wildest dreams. I’m in the state championship and we won it? It would’ve been different if we lost. Okay, bounce back next year. We won this one. So we got a lot going onto our plate next year,” Burnette said.

It’s Steel High’s first state title since winning it in 2020. But this was bigger than a football game, especially for the Erby family. Steel High head coach Andrew Erby has two sons on the team, Alex and Andrew Jr., a quarterback and defensive lineman for the Rollers.

Steel High dedicated this game to coach Erby’s mother, who passed away earlier this year.

“We made a commitment to her that on this day we give our best shot, our best effort,” said Erby. “We looked at some text messages this morning that she sent like ‘keeping working hard I love you.’ So I think that really motivated them.”

If there’s one thing the Rollers aren’t it’s satisfied. Enjoy the state title for the night, then it’s back to work.

“We’re back at the weight room tomorrow. The season never ends really,” said Alex Erby. “This is a dream for us since we were six-years-old… this is just a blessing and we’ve faced through it all.”

The Rollers had a parade to celebrate at their school right after winning the state title. They will get right back to work returning their main core of players, including the Erby’s, to make another state playoff run next season.