HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — We’re still 102 days away from the first Friday Night Football of the season, but it’s never too late to check in on some high school football.

Tuesday night at Susquehanna Township six local teams, including Hanna, Central Dauphin, Central Dauphin East, Steel-High, Harrisburg, and Milton Hershey, competed in individual workouts and seven on seven drills in front of about 50 college coaches.

Hanna head coach Joe Headen was running the show and talked about how good of an opportunity this is for his guys and how excited Midstaters already are for football to come back.

“Just to see our scholar athletes come out and compete, be respectful of each other, be accountable, and make each other better, that’s what it’s all about,” Headen said. “No matter what uniform you wear, everybody’s on the same team trying to get better and trying to get a free education.”

“It’s a testament to football in Pennsylvania and Central PA specifically,” Headen said. “Our parents and our communities love football, they love supporting our kids, and listen they could be sitting at home playing video games or just wasting time, but they’re here out getting better and becoming better young men.”