(WHTM) – Some of the best dirt racetracks in the country are right here in central Pennsylvania. They attract the top drivers in sprint car racing to test their luck against the PA Posse.

abc27 took a look at Yelp reviews to see which dirt tracks in central Pennsylvania are the most popular among its drivers and visitors.

See if you agree with the top five tracks

5. Port Royal Speedway

The Port Royal Speedway celebrated its 81st Annual Opening Day this season. The track in Port Royal, Pennsylvania came in at number five of tracks in central Pennsylvania, according to Yelp users. However, those who took the time to review the track seemed to think it belonged higher on the list.

One user went as far as to say “this racing facility is probably the best in the state and is one of the best in the country.” Another stated it is the “best race track in Pennsylvania.”.

4. Williams Grove Speedway

Located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, this 1/2 mile banked track opened in 1939 and reaches speeds of over 100 mph. The largest event the speedway hosts is the World of Outlaws National Open, which awards $75,000 to the winner. Other race events held at the oval include the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, ULMS Late Models, United States Auto Club, All-Star Circuit of Champions, United Racing Club and the PA Sprint Series.

One Yelp review stated that William’s Grove Speedway is “one of Americas best short tracks” and another cited that they had the “best motorsport experience of [their] life” at the track.

3. Lincoln Speedway

The 3/8th-mile track located in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania comes in at number three, according to Yelp. This high-banked raceway has been holding competitions since 1953 and continues to draw fans. Its Instagram account has 8,746 followers.

According to one Yelp review, the Lincoln Speedway “is the perfect place to experience your first sprint car race”.

Another contributor on Yelp stated that the views are great and that “you can even watch from the infield”.

2. BAPS Motor Speedway

Second on the list is the BAPS Motor Speedway. Built a year after the Lincoln Speedway started holding races, this track in York Haven, Pennsylvania was constructed in 1954. The track opened on May 23, after being delayed for a week due to rain. The 4/10 mile semi-banked oval course holds many different events and races.

It was operated by Curvin “Bud” Bricker and Buzzy Wilson won the first race at the track with a flat-head powered stock car.

The 4/10 mile semi-banked oval course holds many different events and races.

Yelp users cite the Ken Wallace Dirt Racing Experience as “absolutely awesome” and that they received “memories of a lifetime.”

The experience allows participants to get behind the wheel of a real racecar and complete five to 50 laps. Legends Modified, Late Model, Block Modified, UMP Modified, and Sprint Cars are available to choose from.

1. Selinsgrove Speedway

This half-mile track of clay which sits at the top of the list located in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania is nicknamed “the fastest half-mile on the east coast“. It was constructed in 1945 with direction from Joie Chitwood, a stuntman and race car driver from Texas. It was originally a family farm that was sold to be used as a carnival location. The first race took place on July 20, 1946, and Bill Holland, the winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1949, won the race.

More recently, the track was used in 2020 by the United States Auto Club for its first Silvercrown race, named the Bill Holland Classic in honor of the track’s history.

According to one Yelp review, “this is a great track to watch a dirt track race.”.

The central Pennsylvania area is a dream come true for dirt track fans; there are plenty of options for where to catch a race this season.