CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) — The Trinity Shamrocks expanded their athletic department this summer when they announced they were adding varsity field hockey, a move many felt long overdue.

“I think field hockey is a really big sport on the east coast at least and the fact that we didn’t have it before now is surprising to me, but I’m really happy we have it now and i think we are going to go far once we get into season in a couple years,” said Trinity senior Mackenzie Colm.

Colm has been paying field hockey for ten years, mainly on club teams in Camp Hill, but now her and her teammates are the ones who will help build trinity field hockey for years to come.

“We all get to shape how the program starts out,” said Juliana Serafin, a freshman on the team. “Grow as a team, learn how to communicate, learn how to work together, learn how to help each other… it was a big risk I would say trying a new sport, especially when you’re in high school. most people start in middle school. I think the goal is to help everyone and build a team.”

The PIAA schedules field hockey two seasons in advance, so Trinity doesn’t have a game on their schedule yet, but when they get a call to play, they will be a contender.

“My goal is first and foremost is to grow the sport and help them love the game,” said Trinity head field hockey coach Julie Reibsane. “Past that I want to see these freshman who are out here right now be seniors and in the playoffs. That’s my goal.”