The local pride runs deep through LeSean McCoy.

The Bishop McDevitt product and two-time Super Bowl champion is back in Harrisburg to help hundreds get vaccinated at YMCA Camp Curtin.

“I truly believe we should be walking examples. You don’t have to be an athlete or pro player, just give back to the community. This is where you’re from. You wanna set it better than what you found it at, how you grew up. We all have a purpose here. I truly believe that. I think my gift was to play ball, but I think more my purpose was to give back,” says McCoy.

His appearance back home is timely.

He is currently in the midst of weighing out if he will return for another NFL season after 12 years in the league with four different teams.

“I’ve been blessed man. These last two years to get rings. I had some calls from certain teams. I think the biggest thing is like I want to go to a team that I can really affect and I can gain something from it. I mean I don’t want to go to a team where we’re gonna be 0-16 just to say I’m in the NFL. I’d rather go to a team where we’re contenders and we’re fighting for something and it’s a meaningful year,” says McCoy.

This also happens to be just days after another Harrisburg local claimed the national stage when Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons was selected #12 overall by the Dallas Cowboys.

Parsons becomes the highest local draft pick in the area’s history.

“I remember just going through my draft days and it was weird because I’ve never had a guy from my hometown on TV because I was the guy. So it was like now that I’m watching, I’m so excited because I get to see the emotions from the family, from the dad, from the mom, his excitement, his tears, I’ve never really seen it. I’ve seen it, but I’ve never seen it where it affected me because we’re from the same town. I’m so happy because it’s going to change his life,” says McCoy.

The draft pick is bigger than just two well known local stars.

McCoy says to be able to see a role model who made it out of Harrisburg will impact the community for decades to come.

“I’m sure there will be a kid like Micah that watch him and meet him and stuff like ‘wow, he’s from here? I can go to Penn State.’ It’s all about dreams. You got to like set dreams and goals to achieve,” says McCoy.